Q. Why should I record in a studio?

A. QUALITY. It makes your recording sound more professional. Venues, radio stations, and record labels require you to send them a CD.  read more

Are you an hot artist or producer?

At studio1212 Las Vegas we are always on the lookout for new producers who want to develop professional relationships with studio1212. Send a couple snips of your work threw e-mail to us so we can hear your favor please call us first so the staff knows your name and e-mail address if its hot we can discuss ways to develop a more in-depth partnerships.

Please call us at (702)491-9377 or email Lorenzo at studio1212lasvegas@gmail.com

“Studio1212 Las Vegas, the leader in Hip Hop and R&B recordings”  

Lorenzo Davis
Producer / Studio Engineer.

Has 10 years of digital recording and music production skills. Lorenzo Davis is the drive behind recording Studio 1212 Las Vegas com.  read more...