Q. Why should I record in a studio?

A. QUALITY. It makes your recording sound more professional. Venues, radio stations, and record labels require you to send them a CD.  read more

Recording Studio Equipment Specs

Vocal booth 6x6

System Pro tools

SSL Plug-in Bundle

Waves Diamond Bundle

Universal Audio Plug-Ins

Boss CE-1

Roland Demension D

Roland RE-201

Cambridge EQ

Hellos Type 69 EQ

Neve 1081 EQ

Neve 1073 EQ

Precision EQ

Pultec Pro

Pultec EQP-1A


Fairchild 670


Neve 33609 and much much more

Logic 8 Reasons 4

Out Board Gear

Avalon 737
Alesis HD24
TC Electronic Effects
Mackie 24-4
Mackie Big Knob
Alesis Midiverb 4


Ensoniq ASRX
Korg Triton Keyboard
Yamaha Motif Rack
Roland 5050
EMU Mophat


1 Neumann U87
1 DragonFly By Blue

Drum and percussions

10 Piece Yamaha DTX Extreme lls Digital Drum Kit

DJ equipment

Pioneer CDJ-1000

Pioneer DJM-909 Mixer



“Studio1212 Las Vegas, the leader in Hip Hop and R&B recordings”  

Lorenzo Davis
Producer / Studio Engineer.

Has 10 years of digital recording and music production skills. Lorenzo Davis is the drive behind recording Studio 1212 Las Vegas com.  read more...