Q. Why should I record in a studio?

A. QUALITY. It makes your recording sound more professional. Venues, radio stations, and record labels require you to send them a CD.  read more

At Studio 1212 Las Vegas… you can depend on us to have the most elite recording and mixing engineers in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing premium service to our clients… and giving them 100% complete dedication for all their musical needs… and with our years of experience in recording, mixing, mastering and music production… we insure that your project will always come out with the best quality.  We are the home of hip hop and R&B recordings… at Studio 1212 Las Vegas we pride ourselves on creating original tracks with no samples, and we can create any track that your heart desires for example:

n West Coast
n East Coast
n Down South
n R&B
n Neo-Soul
n Gospel
n R&B Ballads
n & much, much more...

Click on our demo page to listen to the different genres of Studio 1212's production.  Our recording studio has the capabilities to produce state of the art sound that is required in today’s music industry… Our professionally designed vocal sound booth has the best installation quality for that industry standard sound. No matter if you're a singer, rapper or poet we have the knowledge and the equipment to help you achieve your goals. We are the only true urban recording studio in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.  So if you're looking for that real hip hop and R&B recording studio… We are happy to say you found it here.


“Studio1212 Las Vegas, the leader in Hip Hop and R&B recordings”  

Lorenzo Davis
Producer / Studio Engineer

Has 10 years of digital recording and music production skills. Lorenzo Davis is the drive behind recording Studio 1212 Las Vegas com.  read more...