Q. Why should I record in a studio?

A. QUALITY. It makes your recording sound more professional. Venues, radio stations, and record labels require you to send them a CD.  read more

When you talk to one of our staff engineers, you will find that we ask a lot of questions about your music. We do that so we can help you plan your recording session so you get the best sound possible in the shortest time. Most people want to capture that live radio feeling with a slick, studio-produced sound. But every recording budget is not the same. Some people have a couple hundred dollars and others have thousands of dollars. Some people simply need a clean recording to get club gigs and others are releasing their album through a label.

We suggest you meet with the staff at studio1212 before booking time. If you tell us your goals and your budget, we'll outline your options and plan an appropriate session. We won't promise you a radio-ready album for $300, but we'll tell you what you can realistically expect and we'll play you samples of recordings done on your type of budget. It's nice to hear examples of the most polished work to come out of a studio, but it's also important to hear things recorded and mixed in the style and level of the session you are planning.


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Lorenzo Davis
Producer / Studio Engineer.

Has 10 years of digital recording and music production skills. Lorenzo Davis is the drive behind recording Studio 1212 Las Vegas com.  read more...